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New York Visit

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New York Visit

Old couple visit New York, so they get out of the airport and get into a cab.
The cab driver asks them where are they from, so the old guy says they are from Canada. The old lady, being hard of hearing, yells “what did he say?”. The old man replies: “HE ASKED WHERE WE ARE FROM I SAID WERE FROM CANADA!!!”
“What part of Canada are you from?”, asks the driver. “We are from Ontario”, replies the old guy.
The old lady says “what did he say?”, so the old man replies, “HE ASKED ME WHAT PART OF ONATARIO WE ARE FROM I SAYD WE ARE FROM OTTAWA.”
The driver then says “Ottawa. Worst piece of ass i ever got was in Ottawa.”.
The old lady yells “what did he say?”
“HE SAYS HE THINKS HE KNOWS YOU.”, the old guy replies.


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