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Fat + bra: Japanese game company launched VR helmet to make fun on April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day came, major game manufacturers have begun to take this day concocted various “funny” news to win everyone’s attention, such as today, Japanese game company Maybesoft launched a distinctive Pantsbra VR helmet on the official website, from the modeling, the helmet is obviously  the combination of fat girls + bar, cool modeling, bold […]

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April Fool’s Day in United States: Police recruit Police cat

To celebrate April Fool’s Day, April 1, many people make fun of relatives and friends, while the US store and the police are also eager, joked. Washington County Sheriff’s Office today issued a press release that in addition to the existing police force, they will set up a cat Police team, they even release the […]

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Make your farts smelling like chocolate

Do you want to perfume farts into smelling like chocolate, roses or violets? Somebody make fun on April Fool’s Day?  French inventor Christian Poincheval said he spent eight years of his life to making pills to make farts smell like some food or flower. He claimed that the pills are made of blueberries, fennel and […]

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The Man fished the UK's largest freshwater fish two meters long and weighing up to 65 kg
The Man fished the UK’s largest freshwater fish two meters long and weighing up to 65 kg

British chef James Jones, recently caught a catfish, 2.13 m long, weighs 65.3 kg, by far, this is British the largest freshwater fish caught in UK. James Jones was fishing in a fishery in Essex County. He had three consecutive days without any harvest. On the fourth day, Jones felt great movement on fishing rod, […]

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