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tree house Hotels

Posted on Sep-25-2010· by

Sleeping in the 10-meter-high tree house is the dream of many people’s childhood. Germany’s Spiegel introduced some amazing tree house hotel on Web site for the fans, so that visitors can experience the fun of childhood.
In 2005, the first tree house hotel in Germany open in Saxony. The cabin is 10 to 15 meters high from the ground, the visitors only crawl inside the hotel through wooden ladder carefully. Each tree house is not large enough, but the house’s facilities are same as the star hotel. In addition, each tree house has a small balcony, Passengers standing on the top, could overlook the Nice river scenery through the border of Germany and Poland.
Make fun heard tree house hotel’s prices are really not low. Two persons need 4200 SEK a night. However, hotel officials said, to live here, “you can see reindeer, if you were luck enough, you may even see a bear, the aurora can be seen in winter and in summer you can experience the Perpetual day,” it is still quite worthwhile.

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