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Toy tiger make fun of armed police

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Toy tiger make fun of armed police

The Southampton police recently sent armed police, the police helicopters to hunt a toy tiger. In order to prevent this Tiger to harm the publics, heavily armed police even evacuated a local Golf course, planned to close nearby M27 motorway. In addition, the zoo’s staff also attended to give advice.
But when police tried to close it carefully, the Tiger was still motionless; at last, the helicopter crew observed using thermal imaging equipment, but found that there is no heat source.

A Police spokesman said, in the short-term follow up, police found Tiger did not move; air support found the lack of heat. The police released photos of the toy tiger, and said, this is a toy tiger. How did Tiger went on the grass? who is make fun of people? It is not sure until now. ┬áIn a word, the police was trying their best to look for tiger’s master.

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