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The world’s largest and most stinky flower

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There is a rare plants “the world’s largest and most stinky flower” –Titan Arum in American Museum of Natural Science Houston Museum. It is said the Titan Arum flowering has entered, attracted a lot of people to come to watch throughout the night. Titan Arum origin Indonesia, the world’s endangered species. This is a very special plant, flowering time, no laws, only to open one each time, only a few days of flowering. Titan Arum in bloom not only there is no fragrance, its stem emit very foul smell like carrion smell to attract pollinating insects to come, so it has the name of “corpse flower”.
The display of Titan Arum was introduced six years ago, is the first flowering. Only more than 20 institutions nationwide have this plant in U.S., no more than 40 in total. It is so rare that thousands of people lined up clutching his nose to see Titan Arum every day.

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