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The world’s first divorce Insurance

Posted on Oct-10-2010· by

The global financial crisis seems to inhibit the rate of divorce because of a high economic costs of divorce, the divorce is not easy to decide. However, a insurance company of North Carolina bringing the gospel for divorced person in the financial crisis. The company announced the world’s first divorce insurance products, they call this product “marriage lock.” After marriage lock was introduced, it is highly sought after by many people even somebody sent it to newly married couples as a gift.
There is a sad story behind “Marriage lock.” It is said that the insurance company’s founder Logan divorced in the economic crisis, and lost lots of asset. Thus he realized that it is a huge market to provide protection for the divorced person. A month ago, he founded the “marriage lock” Web site, began selling marriage lock product.
Logan is reluctant to dispose the amount of sale, but he said he had not expected so many customers will buy marriage lock, this makes him very surprised: Some insurance fee was even more than the 1,000 U.S. dollars per month.

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