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The oldest couple in United Kingdom

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British old Ralph • Talent has just celebrated his 107 birthday, and celebrated with his wife Phyllis of 77 wedding anniversary. 107-year-old Tarrant and 101-year-old Phyllis is now able to live independently with each other and love each other. They have the sum of their 208-year-old age so that they become “Britain’s oldest couple.”

According to reports, they married on July 8, 1933, they travel around the world after retirement. In Tarrant 100 birthday, he received from the Queen’s birthday card. 7 years later, the funny couple remained healthy body, with two daughters, 7 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren, one great-great grandchildren to share their family happiness.

Phyllis said the secret of their health, geting along very harmoniously, dietary law, paying attention to exercise, not smoke, drinking a little whiskey every night. They recognized sometimes they will quarrel for trivial events, but they argue for a more healthy. relationship.

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