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The funny cat obstacle race was held in America

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The funny cat obstacle race held in America

Annual “International cat Agility competition” recently held in America, the cats from around the world will gather in New York and Indianapolis, to participate in the funny acitivity with 10 years long history.

The cats would go across 10 obstales including the stairs, the hoop barriers and pipes and so on, as soon as possible within 3 minutes. The fastest cat will be awarded ribbons or trophies and prize money.

The Competition sponsor, Shirley Park from California, said, When they started organized this competition, people said, ”  Training a cat? Fantastic! “Today, Parker has been trained 20 cats.

Otto is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, he said, people let the cat’s brain rusty, it was sad thing, if you start training cats, the relationship between you and cats would more closely.


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