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The fattest bride and largest wedding

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The fattest bride and large wedding

33-year-old Susanna weighs 800 pounds now, she is determined to become the fattest woman in the world. Although she will be the bride, she not only did not diet in order to wear a wedding dress, but customized a “large number” wedding.

The designers design a wedding specially for her, the wedding has about 14 meters long chiffon and lace. As the wedding is too large, need to spend half an hour to try to belt all of behind belt. The designer said, they had never done such a wedding, there was no such a hypertrophy wedding style.

Susanna was very pleased at the “king size” wedding, she said, When she tried on the wedding, she felt so beautiful.

However, she did not go on diet for a beautiful wedding, but hard to eat more. She said, eat more, she feel better and more confident. She also said she intends to break the fattest world record. The world’s fattest record is 1600 pounds.

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