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The cool treadmill designed specifically for shrimp exercise

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The cool treadmill designed specifically for shrimp exerciseThere is a popular video on the network, a shrimp was running merrily on a treadmill, who was making fun of the shrimp? This is training equipment that U.S. scientists have developed specifically for the shrimp to extend the life of shrimp. The speed of shrimp can reach as high as 20 meters per minute on a treadmill, in order to find food it can run up to 3 hours on the treadmill.

It’s said that the research and development costs was as high as $500,000, now the U.S. scientists have begun to study the treadmill for lobsters and crabs. but people may only care about the meat quality of these seafood.


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One Response to “The cool treadmill designed specifically for shrimp exercise”
  1. Jim Arnold Says:

    Are you kidding!! Why is the government spending half a million on studying how fast crustations can run? With all the debt and problems this country has to deal with, the government is wasting money on a useless project like this!

    Really, who cares how fast or how far a shrimp, crab or lobster can travel? I would hope the American people would be more interested in clearing up the debt we are under. I hope the money could be used on elderly health, the physically or mentally challenged. There are countless projects and programs the government could spend money wisely on.

    Truly, this erks me to see our tax dollars being thrown out the window on projects like this. How mindless does one have to be to come up with an idea such as this? Spend the money on creating jobs in America. It is hard to believe that these scientists don’t have better things to do other than watch sea food swim around a tank.

    We do have fathers and mothers in the streets begging for money to buy food for their children. Why not put the money to use for these people?

    All I am saying is; put the money to GOOD use. Not on some time wasting bureaucratic position like “sea food sitting”. Be more focused in the people of America. Some of us vote. How many shrimp voted last election? Right. So, why are you studying them wasting money on them and not worrying about the humans?

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