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The most favored pet rabbits stay in thousands of pounds of luxurious log cabin
The most favored pet rabbits live in thousands of pounds of luxurious log cabin

The rabbits may be the world’s “most favored” pet, and they live in a luxurious cabin worth 10,000 pounds, enjoying attentive care. The pair of British rabbits are “Henning” and “Ronnie,” they are living in a two-story, with LED lights, pine house, where they have heating to keep warm at night, with automatic device so […]

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English magic “Rabbit hypnotist” allows the rabbit to sleep in a few seconds

Cliff Penrose, now 60 years old, is the British well-known “rabbit hypnotist,” he invented a unique way which can make rabbit in the rampage still down, and in a few seconds into the half-sleep state.

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A rabbit become the world’s largest rabbit in England

Ralph is a continental giant rabbit, although it is only 12 months old, she weighed more than her mother – the former “world’s largest rabbit,” Amy. Amy won the title in 2008, which at that time had reached 1.2 meters in length and weighing 22 kilograms. Ralph is currently awaiting confirmation of the Guinness Book […]

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