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Fool’s Day: Pineapple banana

UK supermarket Waitrose announced they introduced a very novel fruit – pineapple on Fool’s Day that in 2009. They wrote in the ad: “pineapple banana only today, only available in Waitrose supermarkets.”

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Fool’s Day: Hamburger for left-handed

Global fast food giant “Burger King” claim that they specially designed “Big hamburgersare for British left-handed consumers ” on Fool’s Day in 1998. It is reported that this kind of hamburg is no different from the usual ones, just the food are put rotated 180 degrees.

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Fool’s Day: Flying penguins

British Broadcasting Corporation broadcast nature documentaries called “evolutionary wonder” in April 1, 2008. Host Terry Jones, said, the programming group shot to capture the magic photo of flying penguin in King George Island, Antarctica several days ago.

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Fool’s Day: the culprit is underwear

Fool’s Day in 1982, the British “Daily Mail” published news that there has occurred a series of interference incident of alarm systems and television signals in the country, but the culprit turned out to the underwear with bronze used for the large number of women.

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