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British royal wedding Prince William and Kate dolls come to the market
British royal wedding Prince William and Kate dolls come to the market

Although the British royal wedding has been over for four months, the heat continues unabated. Recently, the lovely dolls of Britain’s Prince William and Kate wearing a wedding dress appeared in the London market. Prince William doll wears bright red uniforms of the Irish Guards Colonel, Kate doll is dressed in white, just like the […]

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fun stuff: Russian Tsar's gem Easter eggs
Fun stuff: Russian Tsar’s gem Easter eggs

This Easter eggs are worth 20 million pounds. The precious Faberge egg had been missing for about 90 years, now collector has found its whereabouts. After identification, the Easter eggs is a gift that the Russian Czar Alexander III donated to his wife in 1887, its shape is as similar as the Easter egg which […]

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The oldest couple in United Kingdom

British old Ralph • Talent has just celebrated his 107 birthday, and celebrated with his wife Phyllis of 77 wedding anniversary. 107-year-old Tarrant and 101-year-old Phyllis is now able to live independently with each other and love each other. They have the sum of their 208-year-old age so that they become “Britain’s oldest couple.” According […]

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Cute snout robot on roof of the Pittsburgh Center

Artist Golan Levin and his friends produced an interesting robot, they call this thing the Double-Taker (Snout) (weird name), and put it on the building of the Art Center of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh Center for the Arts) . The Double-Taker (Snout) squatted on the roof,about 2.5 meters long, like a giant worm. Its big eyes can […]

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