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Susan Boyle talked about forgettable kiss of her boyfriend

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Susan Boyle is still single at the age of 49-year-old, she recently disclosed that his father used to break up 7 weeks love of her and her boyfriend when she was young. She described their relationship was innocent, only holding little hands and kissed cheeks, but she never forget him: after her boyfriend touch his skin with lips, Susan Boyle felt the kiss lingering for hours.
Susan ever said she has not been have first kiss. but she talked about her innocent love stories in the autobiography The Woman I Was Born to Be, Susan recalls, his boyfriend is John, she met him at a wedding, this is her first love, Susan Boyle said she was afraid of men, but her boyfriend is very kind of her.
but her father thought that Susan was only 20-year-old, too young to be mature enough, obstructed this relationship. Susan Boyle recalled with regret: “My father wanted to protect me, but we no longer contact, I feel very hurt.”
Susan Boyle’s love did not go well, but the cause is very busy. Next month she will publish Christmas album The Gift, her pre-sale has boarded the Amazon best-selling list.

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