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Susan Boyle run into embarrassment in live show

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Susan Boyle was interviewed by ABC television talk show guest of “The View” on November 30, but when she live performances the song, once shouted pause “do it again”.
At end of the live program interviews, Susan Boyle sang for the television audience, singing “O Holy Night” Christmas song. However, Boyle did not sing a few words, because of lack of preparation, she began to cough, then, Boyle try to be calm, and asked the staff to sing it again.
Boyle’s words made all those breathtaking, this is live, the atmosphere was stalled, thanks to the two hosts Sherri Shepherd and whoopi goldberg rescue in time, Boyle was resolved this embarrassment.
Boyle then explained that her throat got a little situation. However, she adjusted herself and sing song successfully.

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