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Susan Boyle complain she has no money to buy furniture

Posted on Aug-13-2010· by

British Susan Boyle became popular for 1 year, her wealth jumped to 1 million pounds, but it is said the wealth are strictly controlled by broker team. She complained she only has ? 300 a week to live, also be prohibited to a bank to pick up the money, she even has no money to buy additional furniture for the new home.
Taiwan “Apple Daily” quoted the British “World News” reported that 49-year-old Susan Boyle debut album sold over 8.5 million worldwide, get rich overnight by royalties, four agent team did not identify her experience in handling large property therefore, planning for her, they gave her only ? 300 of pocket money a week, her brother Gairui said Susan was depressed in family gatherings because she has no enough money to buy furniture.
In addition, brokers did not allowe her to use her credit card and received other fees from the bank, her money was limited, and she were forced to only go to malls to buy clothes, go out by bus; but team of brokers clarify that she could use the money at any time, and had helped her to take care of home affairs.


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