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Small flower girl asleep in wedding ceremony

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Small flower girl asleep in wedding ceremony

The wedding day was originally an important day for the bride and groom. Recently, at the wedding of a pair of young bride and groom in the U.S. city of Lexington, a small flower girl asleep at the center of the hall in the wedding ceremony, real grab the limelight of the bride and groom.

The funny little flower girl asleeping and falling to the ground was took by the participate in the wedding, and transmitted to the Internet, suddenly attractive many viewers. The flower girls and pageboys was helping with the wedding. However, she seems to do not care about this task, then lying on the floor. First, she was lying on the steps, but seems feel uncomfortable, so she stand up lying on the ground.

Later, a male relative came forward to hold her hand and made her got up. But this cute little guy but do not want to, still refused on the ground. Finally, a female relative ran forward and picked up the girl, lest her “troublemakers”.

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