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Previous fingernails queen

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 Previous fingernails queenAccording to the Guinness Book of World Records, the previous holder of the longest fingernails comes from Salt Lake City, In 2008, the holder Raymond's fingernails added up to 8.5 meters. But she lost her long nails in a car accident.

Walton said, she always let friends or family “clear the way” in front of her in crowded places. She started keeping nails since 1979, she maintained the high-protein diet everyday, and clean nails with a regular toothbrush, immersed in the nail olive oil to maintain its solid once a week. In 2006, she was the world’s longest fingernails of women to be confirmed by Guinness World Records. Her nails had reached 8.65m long on February, 2008. The thumb fingernail of the right hand was the longest among 10 fingernails, about 0.9 meters long.

After a car accident, all of 10 nails have been damaged. Raymond was very sad, she feel like lost some of the characteristics of identity. She recently revealed that her life became much easier after she lost her long nails.

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