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Not so dumb blonde

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A blonde & a Lawyer were sitting next to each other on a plane from london to SydneyThe lawyer woke the blonde & suggested they play a game.The blonde refused & went back to sleep.The lawyer woke her again & said it would be fun.The blonde said she would play,the lawyer then said”I’ll ask you a question & if you can’t get it right you pay me $5,you the ask me a question & if I can’t answer rightI’ll give you $5″.The blonde says she isn’t interested and goes back to sleep.The lawyer then says “how about I give you $500for every question I can’t get right but you only pay me $5″The blonde says she’ll play, so the lawyer asks her”What is the distance from the earth to the moon?”The blonde then gives the lawyer $5The blonde then asks the lawyer ” What has 3 legs when it goes up a hill but 4 legs when it goes down?”The lawyer takes out his laptop and surfs the net to find the answer but can’t find it after 2 hoursSo he e-mailed all his friends but none knew the answer.Finally he writes out a cheque for the blonde for $500The blonde takes the cheque & goes back to sleep.The lawyer wakes the blonde & asks “well whats the answer?)The blonde then reaches in her purse and give the lawyer $5


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