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new invetion – anti-virus bra

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Bodner witnessed the invention of nuclear leakage into the mask of anti-virus removable bra
Bodner germinated the idea of designing “antivirus bra” after she witnessed Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986. The bra looks same as the general bra, can easily take off, into two filter dust mask. Women’s cup size does not matter, because the bra size can adjust to make it provide the same degree of protection. She claimed that once the chemical and biological attacks were made by terrorists, had this bra would be very useful. Bodner said that in the event of fire, dust storm, or unexpected events such as swine flu, antivirus bra can also come in handy. With this anti-virus bra, Bodner was awarded the 2009 “Ig Nobel” Prize for public health.
Bodner said she might invent similar antivirus tools for men, “antivirus bra” are not only a prize make fun, , recently it begun to market at the price of 30 dollars.

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