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My cat is a thief

Posted on Jul-12-2010· by

Kittens are thieves
British police received a funny report from the elderly, saying his own cat is a thief, stealing neighbor a large number of women underwear and lingerie.
Mr. Weisimante lived in Southampton, United Kingdom. He pick up a 12-year-old cat OscarĀ  in a charity on Christmas last year. But Oscar arrived home shortly after it often towed the stolen goods back. In recent weeks, it had stolen more than 70 items.
Mr. Weisimante said at first Oscar just bring back some gardening gloves, but not long before it began to steal women’s underwear and children’s underwear.
Mr. Weisimante worried neighbors would think of the abnormal thieves, so they take the initiative to report to the Police.


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