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Johnny and his brother

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Johnny and his brother
This family had two sons, one about nine years old and one eight years old. they were always getting into trouble. the parents were at a loss of how to straighten the boys out. one of the m others friends told her of a minister that had very good results counseling youths. so she called the preacher and he accepted the challenge to get the boys walking the straight and narrow. he had the wither bring in the young one first. when the boy sat down in his office the preacher asked the boy “where’s god?” the boy had no idea what the preacher wanted to hear so said nothing. again the preacher asked, “where’s god? and still no reply. again the preacher asked in a louder voice putting his finger to the boys nose “where’s god???” at that point the boy jumped up and ran home. he told his brother at the house “we’re in deep s***, god’s missing and they think we got him.


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