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Japan’s computer-synthesized beauty idol

Posted on Jul-21-2011· by

 Japan's computer-synthesized beauty idol

If you find the idol you worship actually do not exist, but a group of people “creat” her through computer technology, how do you feel? Maybe you would feel that somebody make fun of you.

16-year-old Japanese singer AimiEguchi has outstanding appearance, very penetrating voice, the beauty is the member of the Japanese band AKB48 and has a lot of favorite fans.

In Japan, generally only senior artists has a chance to filming ads, but fans found Aimi can film ads with other famous artists, they began to doubt her identity. AKB48 brokerage company initially argued Aimi was a real person, still has her personal information on the company’s Web site.

But Paper can not contain the fire. A video display how Aimi was created by the synthesis of computer technology, Aimi’s true identity is finally exposed, her image is put together based on the best six AKB48 singer, her sound is also synthesized.

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