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Japanese makeup “magic mirror” to try various makeup

Posted on Apr-09-2011· by

 Japanese makeup "magic mirror" to try various makeup
Japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido has recently invented a “magic mirror” that allows consumers to try hundreds of brands of skin care products in a very short time, and not worry about spending lots of money to buy the wrong product back home, but also eliminating the cumbersome makeup steps.

It is the first time that this “magic mirror” appear in Europe, which can simulate the effect of makeup in the eyes, lips and cheeks and other parts, the camera in front of the mirror can capture the face location of makeup. The consumers can choose 50 kinds of eye shadow, lip gloss, and 12 kinds of 50 kinds of powder puff through the touch screen, to try a more daring makeup.

“magic mirror” showed the perfect effect, squinting, etc. actions will also showed. If you are satisfied with the makeup, you can also save a static picture, and contrast with other effects.

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