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Funny Nap competition in Spain

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An interestingly scene happened in a shopping center of Madrid on Oct 14, Some people dressed in odd clothing, sleeing in a large crowd. This is the first Spanish Nap competition organized by national association. The competition organizers hope to promote the traditional way of relaxing nap.
5 participants each groups, lying on a blue sofa. Each round sleeing last for 20 minutes, doctors use instruments to measure the pulse of participant, observe whether they really sleep, as well as time and give score. Organizers will award those who snore loudest, the best sleeping position and the best sleep wearer. The participant who got highest scores can receive 1000 euros prize money. If the participant had  exaggerated snoring or movements after sleeping and exotic clothing, he will receive an extra reward points. A number of studies have shown that taking a nap is good habits, a nap will help improve health.

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