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kiss 150 times one day

70-year-old English bride,Edna was married 31-year-old Simon 4 years ago,the marriage caused a great uproar. now, their love are affectionate unabated unabated,and kiss each other for 150 times every day.

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Obama imitation show

A man called Nozomu Sato (Nocchi) begin to imitate Obama strongly , and highly popular in Japan.

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Emma Hack’s Body Art

Australia’s female artists Emma Hack focused on the environment to create a similar body painting wallpaper art,  enhance body painting to the higher artistic level. The integration of the human body and the environment.

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Women’s soccer match attract excited male fans

Dutch women’s football team hold tournament in recent days.All of the women teamers participate in the competition wearing sexy bikini and  these girls dressed in sexy bikini make the men in the side while extremely excited,somebody said that is the women’s charm.

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