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How would Obama spend his Valentine’s Day

It is said that President of the United States Barack Obama and his wife decided to come back home in Chicago, where they would spend a quiet Valentine’s Day. Obama and his wife would enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day feast and  also visit friends and family.

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Yo Moma So Old

she left her purse on Noah’s Ark. Jurassic Park brought back the memories… when she ran the 100 metre dash, they timed her with a sundial. she still owes Moses a dollar. when she was at school…there was No history class! she uses her hot flushes to heat her cup of Tea she co-wrote the […]

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Card for your lover

Maybe  you quarrying with your lover,and you feel very angry,But you love each other yet.So,how to break the deadlock? I suggest you write down almost every things that you  can think of,and ……,just like so:

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Yo’ Mama is so stupid

Yo’ Mama is so stupid, she bought a video tape on how to fix your VCR Yo mama’s so dumb, she stuck the phone up her ass and thought she was ma-kin’ a booty call. Yo mama is so stupid, she has a glass door with a peep hole Yo mama is so stupid, she […]

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