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small Christams accessories

Merry Christmas,These pic is some ineresting Christams accessories.

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22 meters high Christmas tree lighting in Rockefeller Center, New York

Christmas is coming, tens of thousands of people look forward to this moment, A big Norway spruce Christmas tree is lighted at 21:00 eastern time on on the 3rd in Rockefeller Center Plaza,New York. The scene was quite spectacular with marvelous song and dance performances. The Christmas tree is 22 meters high, weight as much […]

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“Santa Claus” become a hot job in Brazil

As the Christmas approaches, many supermarket recruit high-priced “Santa Claus”, so the temporary job is very hot in Brazil. “Santa Claus” usually get real 900 (1 U.S. dollars or about 2.27 R)per month in the supermarket,which is two times of the lowest income in Brazil. Some supermarket also request the candidates msut be a real […]

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Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade

Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade is one of the world’s most attractive festive celebrations. The 82nd Session of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade start at 9:00 Yesterday,everybody are enjoy themselves in the happyness,especially the children.

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