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Jackson Trial Not Long Enough

Current Proceedings ‘Not Long Enough,’ News Outlets Argue On the eve of closing arguments in the Michael Jackson child-molestation trial, a coalition of the major all-news networks has asked the judge in the case for a new trial, claiming that the current legal proceedings were “not long enough.” A spokesperson for the networks, Peter Fendell, […]

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Jesus mans the gate

One day Saint Peter came down with a terrible cold and had to call Jesus and say that he couldn’t make it to work at the Pearly Gates. Jesus, being short on help, decided he would guard the Pearly Gates himself. It turned out to be a very uneventful day at the gate, with hardly […]

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Jockstrap Boys

A new look for the Backstreet Boys Submitted by: Julia Note: Our “Send this Joke to A Friend” email thingy doesn’t transmit pictures. But if you see this in email, you can click on the link above!

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Kennedy, Bono and???

Investigating the two skiing deaths that occurred so closely to each other, authorities found this note: StoP tHE LogGInG oR WE WilL coNTinUE To KiLL OnE CelEBriTy EaCH WeEK!!!

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