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The smallest dog in the world only 10 centimeters in length

In Barton County, sidan, the United Kingdom, a newly born Chihuahua dogs is only about 10 centimeters in length and weighing only 85.05 grams (3 ounces). the puppy owner firmly believe that it is expected to create a Guinness record.

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A pet dog draws abstracts with brush-pencil in the United States, make art circles amazing

3-year-old pet dog ,Ziggy in California, the United States mouth bite a brush pencil with the mouth, drew the abstracts which was sold 170 pounds high-price , and have the great market demand. Dog owner said that 3 years ago, she encouraged Ziggy to draw biting a brushe, from then on, Ziggy’s drawing desire become […]

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Walk with 18 pups

A dog mother in England , “button” give birth 18 small pups, it become the world’s most prolific mother dog. Recently, “button” ‘s owner,Molly lead the 18 little doggies walking in the park, they are 11 weeks old now. Molly said it is a nightmare for him, maybe one day he will probably walking with […]

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forced change

Banana Monkey is a favorite, but monkeys   have to eat the apple in Japan! Now “banana diet” is very popular in Japan.As a result, the bananas sold out of stock, and the price has gone up rapidly. Monkey can not eat bananas, only to eat local apples.oh,poor monkey,when could  you  eat your favorite banana!

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