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Be careful of April Fool’s Day prank for office today

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Be careful of April Fool's Day prank for office today

Today is April Fool’s Day, have you been made fun of so far? In fact, I found most of the pranks is out of date and do not have “mass destruction”, but some new pranks or hardy old pranks are always very hard to detect. Reading the post, be careful not be made fun of in the office.

1. change another “dead Desktop” secretly

While the colleagues leave, screenshot according to his desktop, set to be desktop, and then move all the original files on the desktop to a folder, then the desktop looks same as usual. When your colleagues came back, whatever he or she mouse, there will no any respond, shutdown, open the computer again, the problem persists, absolutely crazy.

2. The most innovative

listed “the toilet repair this morning” on Male toilets

3. use toys to make fun of others

– Spray toilet: Put the toilet toys on the desk, they will definitely make the other curiosity and open to view, this action can get face sprayed “poo water”, safe and funny.

– Fart cushion: just hit the cushion, fart sound, attracting people’s look, embarrassing enough? Cover the cushions on a chair with a same color of cloth, many people would be funned!

– Sign: hang the sign for male toilets “detection, do not enter.”

4. The most mischievous

If you have time and love torment, try playing the trick, funny absolutely!

put a toilet in the elevator, and then sat on it, so when the elevator doors opened, deliberately looked at the man outside the elevator with a very surprised expression.

5. April Fool’s Day confession

Be careful that is true. It is said the best day of confession is not February 14, but on April 1, and most of confession is true April Fool’s Day, so please cherish every confession April Fool’s Day, the guy confessing who are timid and like you.

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