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American designer invented the electric “Lazy shoes”

Posted on Jan-02-2012· by

American designer invented the electric "Lazy shoes"  The U.S. designer Peter Peter launched a funny “Electric shoes“, the user can wear it without “move “his legs, but also walk quickly.

This electric shoe priced at 415 pounds, the shoes can be “driving” 2 to 3 miles after each charge, suitable for short trips. Users can control the speed by a wireless remote control, and users can achieve the turn and bypass obstacles and other movements by tilting the body.

The fun stuff is expected to become favorable transportation tools because of its small size, flexible operation, easy to carry, people no longer worry about traffic jams, and not to worry about finding a parking space.

Although somebody said this electric shoe was “lazy shoes”, but designer Peter believed that, with this electric shoe, people would love to go out, this was a good thing.


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