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A stupid cat become the decoration of Christmas tree

Posted on Dec-25-2010· by

Christmas is coming, here is an funny news about the Christmas tree.
In the UK a little fool cat catched the mouse when it was stuck in Christmas trees, and light mice, leapt on the tree top, triumphant. This scene seems to the scene reproduction of “Tom and Jerry,” .
The cat catch a mouse in the 5 feet high Christmas tree, it find himself there on a certain difficulty. Mice leap tops while the hapless and clumsy cat only jump to the air, and then stuck in a lot of decorations.When the little cat was strugglling between the limb when the mouse on top of the tree complacently was overlooking the loser.
The cat’s master Mrs. Bredin snapped this incredible scene. it is really so interesting to able to see this scene , she said, “we entered the room, found the cat climbing in the Christmas tree branches, while the mice looked at it on the top of the tree.”
Bredin wife soon “rescued” off the cat, the mouse also escaped. Christmas tree is in mess, small ornaments scattered here and there, she spent an hours to pack neatly.

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