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7 great Christmas present to capture the heart of girlfriend

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First, luxury bags

1, luxurious fur bag seems to have dispelled the cold winter, add cozy warmth for the holidays.
2, crystal evening bags, like the white winter cold temperament, glittering with lights.
3, the gorgeous satin evening bag, pure red, bold publicity is also fine looking, swept away the dark winter.
4, dark red commuter bag, full of subtle color and texture emphasis on the different, even in the boring office, you can be glorious.
Second, the lovely brooch

Beautiful color and shape, giving it a touch of innocence.
Third, the crystal figurines
Christmas theme Crystal display has been widely welcomed, crystal clear ice-like texture and fine cut are so attactive.
Fourth, beautiful jewelry

the snow jewelry, beautiful jewelry designed by skilled master, around the necks, swaying in the ears, a holiday landscape.
Fifth, Christmas decorations
Small truck loaded with Christmas goods, small container like sleigh which can hold candy, door stopper decorated cute… any home decoration seems to satisfied Christmas gifts.
Sixth, toy
This lovely toy doll to give to girls, nobody will not like.
VII, theme watches
Every year, many brand watches company produced the theme watches according to the season, express the festive atmosphere fully through colors and the use of elements.

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