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10 most stupid Christmas gifts

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Are you ready to send gifts to your friends and families on Christmas? If you are a people like humor, then you must not miss the following top 10 most stupid Christmas Oh, to send this Christmas, let your whole holiday full of laughter!
Poo Christmas decorations

Do not worry, it did not smell a bit, but is the most disgusting decorations.
Golf jacket

You can use it to save the golf course may even be the whole game. Customize your ball wearing orange life jackets that no longer have to worry about falling into the water.
Freud Slippers

to put on soft Freud slippers, all the anxiety, paranoia, problems will vanish. This pair of slippers, the biggest feature is that there is Sigmund Freud doll on it.
Wall Street financial orangutan

this toy includes orangutans CEO, boss chairs, desks and computers, can be described as flamboyant.
Burp beer pager

With this beer mug sets, even if you were drunk, you can not lost beer pager. as long as pressing the remote control switch, it began belching loudly and light, valid within 18 meters.
Annoying big cock

With it, you have a new way of emotional management, as long as you catch its neck, the big cock began to sing and dance and shake, it may be the best annoying toy.
talking toilet paper tube
To installe it in the bathroom, you can can record a message in it, every time someone pulled toilet paper when he can hear the whisper of the messages.
Obama Dress Up

Now you can personally choose Obama doll clothes, whether Superman suits, beach or casual suits and ties executives, everything.
Reindeer food fit for human

If you want to prepare cookies and milk for the Santa, why not give some food to his reindeer? The small box of snacks is also suitable for people to eat.


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